Jordan began studying portrait painting at the Art League School in the historic Alexandria, Virginia in 2002. Over the years, Jordan has developed a distinctive style that combines classical realism with intensely vibrant colors and broad, casual brushwork. His works have won numerous awards and were displayed in various galleries and institutions including the Alexandria Art League Gallery, Cooley Gallery, Artsquare Gallery and the USDA building. His works have also been featured in oline publications such as the City Lifestyle Magazine

Portraiture remains Jordan’s primary focus because he is fascinated by the human nature and spirit. He loves to capture the story, the joy, the affections, the fear, the anger, the sorrow and all the other qualities that make us human. He also likes to depict people in their “natural habitat”, which can be anything like their favorite room in the house, their favorite sport, reading their favorite book, or visiting their favorite destination.

Besides painting Jordan is also an avid musician who enjoys playing the violin and banjo. He painted a series of work depicting musicians from bluegrass jams to concert performances.